Mini survey: Are you thinking about leaving WhatsApp – Umfrage: Überlegen Sie sich, WhatsApp aufzugeben?

We know that privacy is counts less and less in this world, but nevertheless a lot of our friends think, that Facebook is becoming too big. What about you? Thank you very much for filling out the 5 questions below. It takes less than a minute!

This post is in English because the Geschäftsmann 2.0 (Businessman 2.0) has quite a lot of friends abroad and often he stayed in touch with them through WhatsApp. Actually there’s a same survey on, a German website. You see the actual results (Sat 22-Feb-2014)

Results from another survey to the same topic.
Results from another survey to the same topic.

And it seems that I’m not the only guy in Europe which started to mistrust, see an actual Tweet from Telegram:

Screenshot 2014-02-22 21.53.28


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