Pitchen mit dem Geschäftsmann 2.0 – How to Pitch: Tools and Tips

Pitching Workshop in Englisch: Unglaublich wie früh sich die jungen Geschäftsleute heutzutage mit Strategie, BHAG, Business Development und auch dem Pitchen auseinandersetzen, der Workshop war mit 30 Jungunternehmern voll besetzt.


Don’t sell:
interest or make friends!

Download Presentation as a ZIP here. I am using two different tools to build a pitch. The first tool uses the “6P-Method” from D. Priestley and the second one uses the Intrigue-Method from Sam Brown. Which method has to be chosen? It depends on the situation and on the people you’re pitching. It’s always about people, so be flexible.

The 6P-Pitch

  1. Position – I‘ George, I‘m a fitness instructor an I‘ve worked with people who use gyms for the last 12 years
  2. Problem – After working with so many people I noticed how very skinny men consistently struggle to bulk up and put on muscle
  3. Projection – „When a person is working out every other day and he still isn‘t getting results his confidence suffers and it can be demotivating in all areas of life
  4. Proposal – I have a diet and work-out plan designed especially for skinny Men aged 25-35 who want to bulk up with muscle
  5. Proof – I‘ve worked with 35 people now and all of them added over 4kg of muscle in three months which is more than enough to show a vicible transformation. I have had this independently verified by one of the USs top sports scientists
  6. Project – Now, I‘m looking for a joint venture partner who can market this method to gym‘s and personal trainers.

How I do it

  1. I write some Keywords for every ‘P’:
    1. Position   -> Build trust and competence
    2. Problem   -> Can contain “Your personal Why”
    3. Projection   -> The Future, can contain an Idea of your “BHAG”
    4. Proposal   -> In core it’s the Business Model
    5. Proof   -> Proof
    6. Project  -> Prepare multiple projects, because this can vary (Distribution, Sourcing, Employees, Funding, etc)
  2. I write the whole thing down
  3. When done, I start to shorten, if I have more text than above, I’m definitively too long.
    • Taking of irrelevant content
    • Less precise
    • Less detailed
    • Practice, practice, practice (and memorize the rhythm of of your speech = speed = time)


The “Intrigue” Pitch

Did you know that doing work-outs, especially skinny young men consistently struggle to bulk up on muscle? Did you know that the lack of this kind of results can demotivate them in all areas of life and did you know that this is one of the major reasons why people give up their work outs?

Imagine if othey would see quickly visible results and imagine if they would get more than 4 kg of muscle only in three months!

If you’re looking for something like that stop looking. In the 12 years I’m in business I developed a diet and work-out plan designed for skinny Men aged 25-35 . Do you wanna know more?

How I do it

  • I ask 3 times: Did you know..
  • I add 2 times: Imagine…
  • And then I finish with the Stop Message: “You can stop looking for, we have it” and I’m closing the pitch with “Do you want to know more / I can tell you more later if you want to” (because I don’t want to be pushy)

Think! Be mindful before pitching!

There are a lot of tools – But a fool with a tool is still a fool! So think:

  1. Who‘s the audience? What is the goal of the pitch?
    • Pitching for interest
    • Pitching to show your value proposition
    • Pitching for explaining your business
    • Funding
  2. It‘s always about people: Do you pitch a VC from San Francisco the same way as a private equity banker from Frankfurt ?
  3. Numbers tell, Stories sell!
  4. Decisions are done based on emotions
  5. The Decision Area for our brain has not capability for Language (Your personal Why, see at the bottom)
  6. My experience shows that most business models and pitches lack a great Value Proposition!
  7. B2B – Pitching: Every Customer Job equals a VP equals a Pitch

Next steps or homework

If you haven’t already done so you should improve or streamline your pitch to your










Yours truly, Geschäftsmann 2.0  / Business man 2.0


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