6 wishes for 2015 – The New Year Post

World Peace from businessman 2.0, WeltfriedenGenerosity, sales, world peace – some of the wishes for 2015. This year, the businessman 2.0 put not only quantitative, measurable personal topics on his wish list, but also some qualitative goals which are rather difficult to implement and measure. The wishes of the Geschäftsmann 2.0 for 2015 are:


  • More personal generosity and forbearance, with himself and with his loved ones
  • Travelling less and enjoying more the moments
  • To do what he wants instead of what is expected from him, this also means that he
  • really wants to start to work intensively with Google and using Keynote instead of Powerpoint
  • He hopes very hard, that he can generate first turnover with his new business idea
  • finally he wants world peace and less lawyers!

A great 2015 to all of you Guys! – So Long Your Businessman 2.0 / Geschäftsmann 2.0

PS: That’s his review for 2014

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